The new year so far.

I would love to start this post by wishing you all s happy new year❤️

2019 is going to be a wonderful year for us all😊

Above all, I’m thankful to God for the grace He has given me,my family and you reading this to enter this new year. It’s not by our willingness or strength but only by the grace bestowed on us by God, giving us the opportunity to be better citizens of the most high.

This time last year, I already had my resolutions,goals,plans etc all set out, it is quite a contrast this year. And I’m still asking myself why I’ve not set it all out and I can’t come up with any answer. It could possibly be because I have not gotten my journal/planner for the year,or because this year started busy due to the events/weddings I’ve had to attend or clean pure straight laziness honestly 😅.

It’s really not compulsory to have resolutions,plans or set goal but it is necessary in my opinion. For this reason and more, I’ll definitely get my planner/journal today 😌 yes, I’m motivated!

If you’re like me and you’ve not set your plans for this year,pls start now,make a move! Start planning ❤️ Planing not only keeps you on your toes, it motivates you and your mind that everyday counts and your success story starts now!

Instagram ~ @asawholebeing

Instagram ~ @asawholebeing

Instagram ~ @asawholebeing



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