Reviewing my 2018 set goals

Helloooo…a warm welcome to you. Thanks for stopping by ❤️

I’m proud of the effort I made in 2018. looking at my set goals last year, I can say I achieved over 68%. The 32% not achieved were out out laxity and forgetfulness honestly. But I’m grateful❤️ I’ll definitely learn from my past mistakes.

One area I slacked so much (amongst others) is in my blog, I planned to stay very consistent, putting up back to back posts to motivate, inspire and feed your eyes and mine but it was more like a battle. Today I’m consistent,tomorrow I’m not. There’re factors causing one to slack in consistency but the utmost way forward is “never to make excuses” so I put it all on myself and pray-plan to do better this year.

Another goal I really slacked on is “reading more books in 2018” 😅 if I’m to grade this, I’ll probably fall in a “C-”

I read some books tho, mostly on Wattpad (this is an app where numerous people write stories on various genres of books) I read over 40 stories on Wattpad 😁 but my Goal was not “online books” my goal was reading more hard copy books, books to engage my mind,books that’ll teach me so much that my head would be “knowledge packed”😅 that was the goal but I think I ended up reading 4 or 5 hardcopy books.

Anyways,,,I’ll definitely do better this year.

Instagram- @asawholebeing

Instagram- @asawholebeing

Instagram- @asawholebeing


——-Have you set your goals for 2019? How do you intend on achieving them? Do share on the comment section 😁



  1. I don’t really believe in the whole new year new goals, I’m a believer of just acting in the present, no need to wait for a certain date .
    But I do plan on reading 50 books this year using “anybooks”, it’s this app where I get to read any book for free, and I’m already 6 books in!!

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  2. 50!? Oh wow…I wish you all the best on that goal😅 thanks for the information dear, I’ll definitely check out the app💋


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