25 Gratitude journal prompts❤️…December 2018

Hello and a warm welcome to you. Thank you for stopping by.


I was about to retire to bed when I saw this picture and it caught my attention. Reading through it,I feel the urge to answer the questions, not because I had a wonderful day (which I did not) my day was actually straight forward lacking activity because I was in my room most of the time,but because I feel the need to actually express my gratitude for numerous things and also because I want to share how my day was through this medium.


  1. My friends made me smile today. They came over to plug in their gadgets then one story led to another and we started talking about our fun childhood tales. And all the things we go to enjoy or experience which this young ones won’t have the opportunity to experience.
  2. What I love about myself is the fact that I have a functioning conscience and I have the ability to by the grace of God give good advice to myself and others.
  3. I am grateful for my family, friends and you! Reading this post
  4. I think I’ll go with finally deciding to study law and actually studying law.
  5. Well,,,this time last year, my mental state was not grounded or solid enough but today, I am marveled at the strength and eagerness I have acquired throughout this year
  6. I love everything about Christmas,the weather,the holidays, the food,the togetherness this season brings. It is my birth month (what’s there not to love)😌
  7. Today my sis called me on phone and we joked on some issues which I know she’ll use to tease me😂 forever
  8. Hmmmm….well I’d say, a beautiful dress. It randomly popped on my feed on instagram, it was so beautiful! And also,some pre-wedding photos.
  9. My friends and our hilarious childhood stories and pranks
  10. I’d say it was ready hard to take a bath due to the cold this morning,but I did.
  11. Well I can’t remember any family outing but during Easter ,the entire family (grandkids included) came home for an event and it reminded me how much I miss my family❤️
  12. Wow…this is actually hard🤔 I’m good at cooking,eating 😅 (foodie alert) , dancing etc
  13. Ummm… a watch from my mum😌❤️
  14. I love rain
  15. Everything…even the annoying things 🙄.
  16. Some friends came over and we got to talk about real stuff and our future 😌
  17. We don’t really have one
  18. A friend gave me a bowl of salad 🥗😂I think that’s a kind gesture
  19. I’m currently living in school, so I love that my friends are around.
  20. They know me well enough and know what I can and cannot do. Plus they are really funny.
  21. Failure. I once failed an exam (well I dint fail but I dint get up to the expected cutoff) but it was a hurtful experience which I’m grateful for today because it actually shaped me
  22. The silly games I played with my brother 😅 like cooking sand in cans while acting and other fun stuffs and PlayStation games.
  23. Currently just a student 😌
  24. That God’s gat me …all day,everyday ❤️
  25. I’m not really free yet,I go to a private university so I’m still restricted. But I’m grateful for the freedom of making some life choices.

💥So far,,,what are you grateful for from the beginning of this year 2018 till now?


Thank you for reading….have a good one 🌟✨🌟

Instagram @asawholebeing

Instagram @asawholebeing

Instagram @asawholebeing



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