How I stay productive daily.

You may or may not have heard this but one of the most successful ways of being productive or consistently becoming productive daily is to ultimately “Plan

I cannot emphasis the need to plan your day prior to the exact day. And the way I do this is by having a planner. A planner is like a diary where you can write down things you have to do,with dates or even setting a particular time for each activity. Planners vary but the one I use is just plain like a notebook. I’m yet to get my desired planner but my journal/notebook still serves the purpose for now.

Tips on how to be constantly productive daily .

1. Plan ahead of the day.

It’s true we don’t always know what would happen in the future but at least we have an idea of activities likely to hold on some days. So what I do is, I write them down on a note book (my planner). As a student it’s easier since I already know what lectures I have for the week and when I will probably be done for the day, so I pick out a day convenient for me to write it all down. Having in mind how i would probably want that day to be. I also include my to-do list on it.

2.Assess Each day before bed

This is equally important. I tend to make an assessment on how my day was before I go to bed. And I do this when I’m already in bed reading to sleep. It is more like a mind or mental check to know if all I scheduled for the day was achieved. I equally check my planner to be quite sure I did it all. And if I dint achieve it all, I encourage myself to do better.

3. Have in mind all you need to do the following day before going to bed.

So after I’m done assessing the current day,I check all I have to do the following day. This serves as a reminder. So when I wake up, I almost already know or have a clear picture of what the day would be like.

4.Sleep early.

I always try to get enough sleep a night before so I won’t wake up grumpy or tired. 😂 but to be honest,this is one area I’m still working on because I’m always on to something…either assignments,cooking, social media 👀, movies, etc. But still,it’s necessary.

5.wake up early.

Yes! Wake up early. Especially on days when the workload is quite heavy, it’s advisable to wake up early so as to start the day early. I do this a lot, and as a student in the university, I really don’t have a choice 🙄. But on days I have zero lecture or I have little to nothing to do,I sleep in and wake up whenever. I usually take those days as my “Rest,Relax and Recuperate”. Sort of a day off. But in general,I try to wake up early and at a particular time.

5. Set a routine and stick to it.

Set a routine and stick to it. If it’s a morning meditation, workout, reading mind enlightening books, reading ahead of the lecture for the day, saying some positive words to yourself before you get up from bed,praying,reading the bible,going to church…etc. Just do it.

6.Motivate yourself Daily

You’re your own biggest fan and as well as your own biggest critic. Some days are good and others not too good. Just have it in mind that we all are struggling, we all are fighting a battle which is most times within us. So depression,anxiety and other vices should never have a place in you. Encourage yourself and surround yourself with positive people and people who bring out the light 💡 in you and you also should do so in them. Be at peace. Learn form failure and past experiences, do not let it discourage you.


This is all for today, I hope you enjoyed reading. Pls share how you stay productive in the comments section. We all learn everyday .


Instagram- asawholebeing

Instagram- asawholebeing

Instagram- asawholebeing

Stay blessed 🖤 happy Sunday


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