Life Update: 22:10:18 🖤Hollidays and Nannying 🖤

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I haven’t been having a lot going on lately actually 🤔, I’ve been on break from school since early September and will resume early November. And I’ll be lying If I tell you I’m excited to start school 😩. At this point I just want to keep chilling ,resting and not have anything give me mental stress because school is actually equivalent to stress and worse – mental stress due to studying and all.

But I won’t lie, a little part of me wants to resume tho, I kind of miss the stress,lectures and learning new things. (Okay so if you don’t already know, I’m a law student and currently in 300 level in a university here in Nigeria 🇳🇬) This semester is going to be great,the courses I’m to take are so intriguing and quite technical. I’m to take Tort Law,Criminal Law and some others (if you’re a fan of “How to get away with murder” you’d understand the technicalities that come with Criminal Law as a course). I haven’t even started the courses yet but I’m excited for them😂 .

For the holidays I’ve had to move from my home to visit my sister in Lagos (somewhere in Nigeria) and I’ve been nannying since I came because her nanny traveled and she was heavily pregnant and all. Yes I said “was” because she delivered 2 days ago 20:10:18, a baby boy 👦 cute!

My Nannying experience: So I’m one of those who gush about kids and my nephew and niece are so cute but I did not expect what was coming 😩 this my little minions are both a bundle of joy ☺️ and a bundle of pain at the same time😒 they’re 7 and 5 respectively. My routine totally changed from the normal. I had to be up early as 4am to make their lunch for school because their school bus comes to pick them up as early as 6:15am to avoid traffic . 5:15am I wake them up and bath them(this was a struggle for the first week😩) but I later got used to it. I actually fall back on my bed to continue my much deserved sleep when the kids leave then wake up few hours later to start my day 😂 I’m so happy when they leave,lol but then again I start to miss their noises and presence later on 🙄 .

The whole process is stressful and satisfying at the same time. I began to enjoy it later on. I was practically on “motherhood duties” 😂 I was like … really? This is what they go through?

To all the mothers out there…you all deserve a crown 👑…raising children is really not easy but it comes with an unexplainable joy☺️. I’ve actually learned a lot, and I got to know more about myself and things I need to work on my self to be a better mother (when it’s time of course)

One major flaw I realised was the fact that I’m actually VERY impatient🙄 I’d tell the kids to do something and they’ll take forever to do it and it really pisses me off but my sister explain it all to me, and how I should be patient with them and they’re just kids and all. So I’m currently working on that😁 She said I’m this way with the kids because I’m the last child of 6 children and I never had the opportunity to stay with children,so I many not really understand how children think. It’s it’s all good now.

This break is surly going to be memorable 😌

Have you ever taken care of kids? What was your nannying experience like? And if you’re a mum, or you’ve taken care of kids before, how do you stay patient with the kids?

Instagram @asawholebeing

Instagram @asawholebeing

Instagram @asawholebeing

Have a lovely week!🖤



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