Faith and Catching Jesus Young.

Rich , poor or in between…we are all walking our way back Home.


  • Yesterday, October 4th I had a long conversation in an office with a relation. It was unannounced because we were just there since we had a family working in the building, so instead of sitting at the lobby, sweat dripping, frustration building, we went to sit in an auntie’s office to receive cool air from the air conditioner πŸ˜…


    One thing led to another and he started talking and before we knew it ,our conversation turned to preaching/bible study. Well he was doing the preaching, I was listening.


    His words that caught my attention was “Catch Jesus Young”. He explained how we youths see the things of God as a hindrance to our material pleasures but as well explained that there is no better joy and inner peace like that of one with God.

    He shared many testimonies,trials and miracles he and his family encountered but they looked up to God and with faith, God interceded. God indeed came through.

    He explained that it’s one thing to serve God with Our lips and another to serve God with our heart,believing and trusting in his words. Till today, there is no man who gave all to God, trusting and believing in Him and His words (The Holy Bible) and did not get his reward at the end.


    There is indeed a kind of closure one can build with God which can lead to communicating with God through his angels or directly. It is that communication we all should yearn for.


    Be it trials,distress, impossible circumstances, bring it to God. Get down on your knees and pray . Read the bible so you can remind him of his many promises. There is always a passage of the bible serving as a consolation or solution to every problem of man, but we don’t always find it. To seek Him, you must first seek the Holy Spirit who is our guide.


    Do not forget the power of praises. God is capable of everything and anything but one! He cannot praise Himself. Back up your prayers with praises for he who sings well,prays twice. Praises go a long way. Even the Heavens have a choir.


    Bible verses I learnt on that day are Hebrew 1 v 7 and psalm 1

    β€’ Youth or not,we must catch Jesus young and at the end of the day, we are trading in this land that is not our own as we walk back Home to our Creatorβ€’

    β€’ I was glad we had the conversation because within me,I knew I was slacking in my spiritual department. God can use anyone to get you back on track.

    Thank you for reading….❀️


    Instagram @Asawholebeing

    Instagram @Asawholebeing

    Instagram @Asawholebeing


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